F5 Networks Acquires Israeli Mobile Data Startup Traffix Systems

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F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:FFIV), the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, has completed acquisition of Traffix Systems, the leading provider of 4G Diameter signaling products for telecommunications service providers. The Diameter protocol has gained industry-wide acceptance by the 3GPP and GSMA as the standard for network signaling in all 4G/LTE networks.

Traffix Systems products enable carriers to manage, scale, secure, integrate and apply Diameter services within legacy and next generation networks. Traffix’s solutions have been adopted by some of the industry’s largest network vendors. In 2009, Traffic introduced industry’s first Diameter Routing Agent (DRA). This was followed by the Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC), a single solution for Diameter routing, load balancing and gateway connectivity in 2011.

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The Diameter protocol enables functions such as billing, subscriber management, and interoperability between core IP systems and carriers. As mobile data traffic continues to grow at a rapid pace, many mobile operators are transitioning from a 3G network to an all-internet protocol (IP) network, such as LTE, to manage the high volume of traffic and provide a high quality customer experience.

Diameter protocol offers control via routing, load balancing and gateway solutions, which are critical to effectively building and monetizing 4G/LTE networks by enabling them to offer advanced services. Traffix enables this with its advanced Diameter routing, load balancing and gateway capabilities, via scaling, securing and optimizing 3G, 4G/LTE and IMS traffic. This results in a dramatic reduction of complexity and costs while at the same time making the networks faster without the addition of infrastructure, making service provider networks more agile.

While F5 is the industry leader in providing load balancing solutions for IP based traffic, Traffix has the industry leadership in Diameter and signaling for the 4G/LTE networks. This acquisition gives F5 the unique depth and breadth of technology to enable carriers to transition from 3G to 4G and IMS in a much simpler, cost effective, and non-disruptive way.

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