Our Story

The world’s largest and most important organizations spend a lot of money–trillions of dollars, in fact–trying to do things more efficiently and effectively, often by building faster computers, systems, and processes. Yet, no matter how fast we make any server or system, our governments and companies are still led by people.  And, people are often the slowest step in any real system.

People painstakingly manipulate individual cells in spreadsheets. Analysts process, interpret, then re-interpret data for big decisions.  Assistants reschedule meetings, while executives and their teams contemplate “what-if” scenarios.  It all takes time.

Around the office, we call this the problem of human latency. That’s the crux of the problem we set out to solve.

Help leaders make better data driven decisions in an uncertain world

A few years ago, a CFO called us and suggested, “I think I could use Trefis to help me make better forecasting decisions.” Next, someone in corporate development called about “mergers and acquisitions.” And a Head of Sales asked if we could build an ROI model for his team.

We realized our technology could help leaders of all stripes imagine and shape the future through “what-if” scenarios.” At workshops and meetings, we observed how the Trefis Interactive Experience helps executives and their teams create scenarios. We watched them compare their original scenarios to new ones, and witnessed them quantify those differences in concrete measurable terms. We felt the excitement as they did all of this quickly and easily, as a group.

Our roots:  Building deep-dive analyses

Before we introduced our technology to the marketplace, we began with a mission to create research and analysis to help investors quickly and easily understand what drives a company’s stock price so they can make better investment decisions. Today, we cover hundreds of large-cap stocks and our content is trusted by millions of investors and executives globally on numerous leading online brokerage platforms, as-well-as on platforms such as Thomson Reuters and Forbes.

At the core of each piece of content is a rigorous and deep analytical model, but what makes our research different is the Trefis Interactive Experience. The Trefis Interactive Experience transforms those analytical models into easy-to-use, visual interactive experiences that let you drill down into the data and create your own “what-if” scenarios. Create upside and downside alternatives, or test the analyst’s investment hypothesis against your own. Just click through the model, make changes and save scenarios right now.No delay. No more human latency, just faster, better informed investment decisions.

We are excited to bring the power of this technology trusted by sophisticated investors and executives to a broader audience.

Our success has energized us further, and we feel we are just getting started!