Here is a visual summary of our election series to date.  The margin of electoral votes has gone in and out like an accordion. Click on the blog title  to read the original post; click on the image to see the Trefis Interactive Experience.

2016 “What-if” Presidential Election Series

Clinton Leads by 176 Electoral Votes

Base Case Scenario, September 9, 2016


Could a Third-Party Candidate Help Decide the Election? You Bet.


A Week Later, Trump Gains

Trump carves 115 Electoral Votes from Clinton’s Lead, September 16th


As The Race Tightens, the Impact of Third Parties May Increase

A Deplorable Week

After Clinton makes her “deplorable” gaffe, the lead shrinks to 29, September 19th


Trading Votes is Like Trading Players in the Final Four


Before the first debate

Before the first debate, polls show a 66 votes gap, September 25th.



NEW: A week after the first debate, Clinton’s lead expands to 102 Electoral votes.


A week after the first debate, Clinton's lead stretches to 102

A week after the first debate, Clinton’s lead stretches to 102

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