Change we wish to create

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What if we could educate, engage, and inspire a billion people to become a billion investors?

Not just a billion savers. Saving is a start, not the destination[1]. Let’s create a world of active investors, indeed.

Here’s why.

What is Investing?

A simple question. But the answer has become twisted, especially in recent times. The thing is, investing isn’t saving. And it certainly isn’t about just trading – although you do need to save first and then transact to invest. Investing is more. We believe it’s really all about the world we plan, we build, yes invest in – collectively, actively, and ultimately leave for our children and future generations; the world we create 20, 30, and 50 years from now.

So if there’s nothing more important, more urgent, more timely – why would we want to be passive about that?

Let’s, of course, take it by the horns. Connect analysis, education, and inspiration regards what’s worth investing in, with the last mile – transaction. We believe this collective is investing. One seamless experience. Knowledge and wealth under one roof. No silos. Is there really a better purpose to be active about?

Knowledge or Wealth?

Two more simple words. We believe knowledge today is confused about the role of wealth. Perhaps the seeming success of some trading platforms has meant wealth creation gets conflated with trading. In fact, we see knowledge clumsily trying to distance itself from wealth – but of course, true knowledge is wealth.

The important work of creating a billion active investing citizens can’t be done in silos. Silos are abound – from science and business media to alternative investing, art, real estate, wealth, budgeting, and trading silos.

The parts are in place. That’s what inspired us to build a team that blends diverse experiences. Data science/tech with wealth creation and digital media. We’re here with one focus: inspire and create wealth. Our aspiration is one seamless experience, in a simple mobile app, for a billion investors.

How is that even possible?

Use the machines.

We believe the marginal cost of turning a passive observer into an active investor might just have reached a tipping point.

A couple of reasons for this.

Consider this. Does a McKinsey or a Goldman analyst or a top fund-manager invent a new analytical approach each week? Absolutely not. The point is, it is cheaper than ever to automate the repetitive parts, the data-fetching, number-crunching work that need a million analysts around the world. At Trefis, we’ve been working hard towards this million analyst platform for the last couple of years. A lot more needs to be done, but the start looks promising.

…and yet, there is nothing robotic about it

But top-tier analysis is only a part of the work. Even if objective, thoughtful analysis can be automated and scaled, and the final cost of transaction is down to zero commission, there is a road to travel in inspiring, engaging a billion people.

However, this can be done with the dual tool of bite-sizing content while at the same time cross-linking related context. You see this done effectively across disciplines from physics to math, crypto and art, and everything in the middle. In fact, through video, mobile, and other formats, this has been toyed and perfected. It’s time to leverage machines, do it right, and at scale, for analysis regards what’s worth investing – educate and inspire, create widespread access. From few to many[2].

The point is, the work of a million analysts can be turned into powerful, visual results, experiences that can engage us intimately, help us feel smarter and in control, in charge, and active.

All in a simple mobile app.

Engaged citizens and engaged investors make the juice worth the squeeze. There’s nothing robotic about engaged citizens.

One seamless experience. No silos. Use AI, make-me-smarter & make-me-wealthy.

Wouldn’t that be a change worth having?

[1] Consider a trade like this: invest $10,000 today and get a guaranteed $9,000 in 5 years. In fact, inflation of 2% is a stated target. Annual. So each year, your $100 is worth 2% less. Despite being clearly unattractive, this is probably the most common trade! As such, while it’s a sure thing, the certain depletion of cash’s value in checking and savings accounts that don’t earn much can’t be construed as wealth creation and investing. Perhaps a name more reflective of this fact, ‘inflation-indexed, depletion account,’ would help?
[2] “From few to many” captures much of the impact of new technologies. As an example, even 50 years ago, powerful computers were accessible – but only to a few. From personal computers and mobile phones to access to modern medicines and vaccines, a combination of cost reduction and ease-of-use has improved access and made benefits available from just a few to a broader population.