Kullah Anderson

Kullah has spent most of his career in Customer Care, Quality Management, and Business Process improvement at technology companies.


Kullah is a customer care champion at Jolla, a Finland-based mobile software company. With primary responsibility for break-fix and support solutions, Kullah and his customer support team deal with user experience issues from mobile device/software users every day.  


Life in a cost center means continuous corporate scrutiny over spending, driving the need for efficiency.  Case management and other systems collect the metrics that drive key performance indicators (e.g., cost per call, first time resolution, NPS) but performing any type of analysis on those data is a time consuming process.  No one on his team has the luxury of excess time to do it.  Additionally, as customers expect and demand more self-service capability over their own user experience, Kullah must constantly re-evaluate the role and value of customer facing staff.


Since Trefis can transform any model–not just a financial model–Kullah was intrigued by the idea of using the software to get a deeper view into his costs. Trefis can “help me analyze costs in the case management system, such as head count, and then break that down and visualize it.” With such a tool, Kullah can monitor costs and efficiency to make sure he meets his metrics, but also present senior management with an easy-to-grasp understanding of the value his team contributes to the company.