Neal Vachhani

Neal is the VP Program Delivery & Customer Success at Quickplay, the global expert in powering TV to any device recently acquired by AT&T’s Entertainment Group.

An engineer by training and a veteran of the consulting industry, Vachhani can dive into a problem to understand its components and see the bigger strategic picture as well, a skill set well suited to selling Quickplay’s managed services offering.

B2B sales often entails a long, complicated RFP driven sales process in which both buyer and seller typically focus on price. Ideally, you’d avoid the RFP altogether and have a consultative conversation with your customer about value. More than that, according to Jaynie Smith, author of Relevant Selling, “you must not only sell value, but more specifically, the value the customer is seeking.” In one particular case, Neal and his team had to justify a significant price increase over its original proposal but hesitated to ask for the order. Could they show where their solution created value?

Neal reports: “I asked one of our sales engineers to create an Excel spreadsheet that included our basic assumptions on return on investment. We uploaded it and within a few minutes, we got a link to the Trefis Interactive Experience. Internally, we tested several “what-if” scenarios, then we shared our thinking with the client. They were able to quickly see how we create value.”
After that meeting Quickplay realized “this is the way we ought to educate customers on the value of managed services’,” says Vachhani.

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