Trefis Solutions

Trefis bridges the gap between yesterday, today and the future

We have data and analyses. Now what?

Like most businesses, you invest significantly in understanding what happened in the past–Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting systems–as well as what is happening right now—Sales Tracking, RFID sensors, web analytics. Those myriad data streams and deep-dive analyses your teams and consultants create are key to running your business.

But what about the future? You’ll generate more value if you can understand and influence what will happen.

Trefis Solutions help you make better informed decisions so you can shape an uncertain future

Currently, there’s a gap between all the data and analysis at your disposal and your ability to fully leverage it. Why? There has been no easy way for you to imagine and shape the future through “what-if” scenarios.

Our Solutions, listed below, each leverage our unique technology as well as our customer success team, which will make sure your interactive experience works the way you want it.


Use Trefis Solutions for six months; if we do not meet your expectations, we will cancel your license and refund your payments.

PERIOD.  That’s it.

Innovation never stops at Trefis
Don’t see a solution for your particular use case?  Contact us and we can talk it over.