Trefis Technology

Puts you steps away from better decisions

Trefis Technology Transforms

Trefis technology transforms complex, static analyses–such as Excel-based data models–into simple, visual interactive experiences that let you develop “what-if” scenarios, assess the risk and reward of any decision and engage stakeholders in meaningful discussions on the assumptions that matter most.

Trefis is trusted and tested

Thousands of senior leaders, including corporate boards, CFOs, corporate development groups, consultants, bankers, traders and investors use Trefis solutions to help them make better decisions.

Trefis transforms meetings

When a group of executives get together, they want to make decisions, not just raise issues and reconvene later. In a Trefis-enabled meeting the Trefis Interactive Experience is up on the screen. Everyone sees the same assumptions. They can drag the growth trend line up two points and the whole group sees the impact, in real time. Decisions can be made right there.

Neal Vachhani, VP Platform Services & Customer Success, QuickPlay

How it works: A three step process

01. Upload

Upload your data model or email it so us and within minutes you’ll receive a link to the interactive experience.

02. Modify

Drag individual data points and trend lines to modify assumptions, create multiple “what-if” scenarios and assess risk-reward.

03. Share

Save and share your scenarios with prospects, clients and colleagues on the web, their devices or in the conference room.

Key Features

Play “what-if” easily, and as many times as you want

No other tool lets users run unlimited “what-if” scenarios with the ease-of-use of clicking and dragging.

Compare and contrast “what-if” scenarios with real-time visualizations

The Trefis Interactive Experience provides customers multiple visualizations. Use the “Sankey” view to create, save, share, and compare alternative scenarios. Use the “Grid” view to create stacked charts.

Incorporate Trefis into any workflow

Once you receive the Trefis link, you can begin immediately: Create, save and share scenarios during due diligence, while presenting to the executive committee or negotiating contract terms.

Upload any spreadsheet, without dumbing down the data model

Our technology transforms the most complex data models—even those with hundreds of tabs and thousands of lines. No need to dumb down the model into a rigid template.

Use Trefis on any platform

The Trefis Interactive Experience works on your desktop, smart phone, mobile, tablet, phablet and can be incorporated into your app platforms.

Share your notes across divisions and time zones

Individual contributors can share their own scenarios as well as their notes with colleagues around the company, and the world.

Create a searchable, proprietary dB with external and internal data feeds

Incorporate competitive intelligence, CRM feeds, industry benchmarks, sales data and other feeds into the Trefis Interactive Experience.

Benefits: Trefis technology transforms
your decision making processes

Focus on what matters most

Within moments, the Trefis Interactive Experience reveals the key operating drivers at the core of any model so you can focus on the assumptions that really make a difference.

Assess risk and reward with “what-if” scenarios

No other tool lets users create and save unlimited “what-if” scenarios with the ease-of-use of clicking and dragging.

Gain alignment

The web-based interface lets you and others create, save, share, compare and publish alternative scenarios in real-time, so you can gain alignment within cross-functional teams.

We deploy this technology in several powerful interactive business solutions.