Planning and Forecasting Solution

What if you could incorporate "what-if" into your process?

It’s simple: Plans and forecasts matter

Your firm makes consequential decisions every year based on its plans and forecasts: What markets to enter. What products to create. People to hire. Factories to build. Investments to make. Getting it right involves analytical inputs from dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people.

Yet many firms still get it wrong. About 25% of public companies miss their expected or forecasted earnings every quarter.

No matter how many people contribute, there has been no easy way to incorporate external macro factors into your process. Nor has there been an easy way to imagine and shape the future through “what-if” scenarios.

The Trefis Planning and Forecasting Solution helps you do both. Pull in non-operational inputs into your planning models and conduct as many “what-if” scenarios as you’d like. Focus on the factors that have a material impact on strategic decisions.


Use Trefis Solutions for six months; if we do not meet your expectations, we will cancel your license and refund your payments.

PERIOD.  That’s it.

Benefits: Stay ahead of competitors,
minimize the downside and maximize the upside

Focus on what matters most

Which internal and external factors have the most leverage over your goals and objectives? Skip the guesswork. Within moments, the Trefis Interactive Experience reveals the key operating drivers at the core of your forecast so you can focus on the assumptions that matter most. See a model

Align global and cross functional teams

Planning and forecasting requires coordination and collaboration. The Trefis Interactive Experience lets you and others create, save, share, compare and publish alternative scenarios in real-time, so you can gain alignment across the enterprise.

Evaluate alternatives

When you miss a forecast, you and your executive team may spend days if not weeks, reassuring analysts, investors and customers about your strategy. Your effort should be spent meeting your goals and objectives. Use The Trefis Interactive Experience to conduct “what-if” scenarios that quantify upside, anticipate downside and expose the triggers that would drive your strategy.

Not sure where to begin?
Our customer success team can help you identify the business drivers and financial planning models to use.