Mergers and Acquisitions Solution

Do more deals and maximize ROI when colleagues collaborate

Transform your evaluation process to maximize returns

Let’s say you complete ten transactions each year and evaluate hundreds more. Each deal involves a complex, fragmented workflow with stakeholders from across the enterprise. There may be dozens of people chiming in on every deal, each providing their own individual perspective. That process is hard to manage.

The Trefis Mergers and Acquisitions Solution lets you evaluate the synergies and real drivers of value in any transaction. Bring the deal teams together on a collaborative communication platform to surface assumptions and conduct “what-if” scenarios.

Trefis transforms M&A

When evaluating a potential acquisition, I must understand the key drivers of both opportunity and risk in the deal model that have the largest impact on valuation. Often the input to these assumptions comes from multiple individuals within the organization, each of whom creates a complex spreadsheet. With the Trefis M&A Solution, you can transform that fragmented approach to a collaborative discussion where key decision makers use a single graphical, scenario-based tool. Everyone on the team can challenge the assumptions, understand key drivers, and build more accurate scenarios that capture the risk-adjusted value of the deal.

Mike Cotter, Senior Vice President at NASDAQ OMX

Benefits: Better due diligence. Better outcomes.

Include only the best targets in your deal pipeline

Whether you look at 100 deals a year or 1000, you improve your efficiency when you eliminate sub-optimal targets immediately. Use the Trefis Interactive Experience to examine more deals with the same resources.

A more comprehensive and collaborative process

Corporate M&A teams gather input from across the enterprise. The Trefis Interactive Experience lets you and others create, save, share, and compare alternative scenarios in real-time, so you can look at each deal more comprehensively.

Focus the executive committee on what matters most

The executive team wants to see both the big picture and the details, but only the details that have a material impact on strategic decisions. Develop multiple “what-if” scenarios in the Trefis Interactive Experience to quickly reveal the circumstances that would cause you to do things differently.