Value Selling Solution

Focus on value and watch your selling price soar

Demonstrate your value, increase your sales price

In a complex enterprise sale, clients often focus on reducing price, often at the behest of procurement or the specs in an RFP. But for sellers, that puts you in a bind. You might win the deal, but if you underestimate the resources you’ll need, or provide too deep a discount, your margins will disappear. How can you engage customers in a discussion about value instead of price?

Use the Trefis Interactive Experience to analyze multiple scenarios with your sales team before the next meeting. Once you and your team see the ROI you deliver, you will be better able to discuss value with the client during the meeting. Furthermore, when you share your ROI assumptions with the client, you establish a level of transparency, trust and credibility that otherwise won’t emerge from a technical RFP response.

The Trefis Value Selling Solution helps you change the conversation from price to value. Turn every sales person into an ROI rockstar.

Trefis transforms a sales culture

Once the sales team saw that the value that we’re actually delivering is literally 10-X where we were in terms of pricing, suddenly you saw the posture of our sales team change. They said, “Wow. I didn’t realize it was actually that big.” After we met with the client, the actual pricing we achieved was at least 50% higher than where we were before.

Neal Vachhani, VP Platform Services & Customer Success, QuickPlay

Benefits: Demonstrate to prospects the value you deliver

Turn numbers into pictures. Ensure reps really know the value you deliver

Some sales reps sometimes shut down when they see a spreadsheet, preventing them from digging into the ROI of the deal. Trefis transforms Excel-based data models into simple, visual interactive experiences that anyone can understand.

Better preparation for meetings

Prepare your teams for the important meetings. Build an ROI model in the Trefis Interactive Experience and focus your team on what matters most to your prospects. Test scenarios, share your assumptions and anticipate your prospect’s needs.

Be a partner, not just a vendor

The Value Selling Solution lets you frame the sales pursuit in the client’s terms and position yourself as a business partner, not just a vendor.