Answering “what-ifs” right away, matters.

When things go sideways – it matters more.

Alignment matters.

Readiness in tackling surprises is everything.
Go right from your Excel models/data into a business dialog on Trefis Interactive Dashboard.
Join the winners!

Who Inspires Us?

You just can’t do this on Tableau or Qlik. We want to not just see the historical data, our focus is on our launch forecasts and how month-to-month operational developments for key launch products influence team members’ view on forecasts. We want everyone to see how these operational developments may impact financial forecasts and our P&L. ”

AdamFinance director, divisional FP&A for a Fortune 500 healthcare company

“Shouldn’t we have an “always-available” dashboard, that should take minutes to answer these and innumerable other what-if questions that regularly come up in our discussions?

Why create PowerPoint slides with these charts and tables, meet, and then repeat the whole thing again - instead, why not just this one dashboard link? Save everyone time.”

MarkCFO, Fortune 500 technology company

“We’re always exploring alternative marketing plans. For example, what happens if we reduce media and increase trade spending. And many variations on that type of thing. Now we can do it on our own, as many times as we’d like.”

PeterMarketing Manager, Packaged Goods Industry Leader

“Unanswered questions from our meetings are now answered in real-time, by changing assumptions, incorporating expert opinions, using a simple, visual interface. Clients and partners care about the “sniff test” of a deep-dive analysis teams do here, the tool really helps everyone focus on the big-picture, while keeping an eye on key assumptions.”

JeremyManager, Top Strategy Consulting Firm

“This interactivity is different from filtering charts and pivoting tables, this is about testing your assumptions based on opinions, and expertise around the table. All in a live meeting. We should have used this all along.”

DavidFinance and strategy analyst, Technology industry

“Everything I’ve heard is that clients are excited about this tool. They’ve said the big benefit is being able to get the answers they need, when they need them. Time and responsiveness is so key these days with everything we do”

JasonTop Consulting Firm


“When there is uncertainty, there is a general feeling of malaise – once you quantify it, and look at possible impact of disruption, you transform the vibe into an objective measure and into something that triggers problem solving. Its powerful stuff!”

AlexandriaGlobal Product owner, Insurance industry

“We talk to hundreds of finance heads at large companies on hedging issues. I build this analysis in Excel, then create PowerPoint slides for the meeting. Everybody has lots of feedback, that’s great. The numbers change. Then I’m back to Excel and slides and meeting with client. This can definitely be done better.”

RengaManager, Currency Hedging Desk, Global Bank

“I started with the forecasts that are most important to our team, focusing on the main products in our launch portfolio. Took the existing Excel model, and uploaded it onto Trefis – within a few minutes I was able to then pull in the inputs and outputs we were interested in, to finalize the dashboard and share link with my colleagues.

Folks on the team were able to then quickly create their own scenarios and brainstorm live”

DominicMarket Intelligence manager, Large Technology company

“The pain-point is there, but not everyone realizes it. It’s time consuming to collect inputs from different regions and then for finance and marketing to collaborate. There are so many cycles, and ultimately there can be a much clearer sense of ownership of inputs. However, people have become so used to the iterations, the meetings, and the pain.We have to change it here.”

MichaelProduct and Marketing Executive, Healthcare Industry

One tool. Incredibly simple.
Designed by MIT engineers.
Used by a million users.

How it works

Step 1
Load your Excel data, transform into an interactive dashboard in minutes.

Step 2
Test risk-reward, modify assumptions, Capture team’s expectations. See the consensus, but preserve the variety of opinions.

Step 3
Readily draw on the richness of different ideas to be better planned in the face of shocks.

Why it works

What happens to a CFO’s dividend or capex plan when there is a new competitor in China?

What about a manager’s launch forecast when faced with a regulatory challenge?

Would a consultant’s market entry recommendation still hold if there is an operational surprise – an unexpected supply chain issue, a manufacturing glitch, or disruption in distribution?

What do the best leaders, managers do?

We’ve learnt that it is in these situations that the team awareness matters. Alignment matters. Differences in opinion matter. A dashboard that allows teams to quickly see the different possibilities, test risk-reward, and reach alignment quickly – matters!

We’ve learnt from the practices of the best and simply made it possible for everyone to plan consistently. Real-time. Like the best.

There is no magic. Just good people – and smart tools!

Solutions Summary

Correct, you just can’t do this on Tableau or Qlik.

  • Modify forecasts, see impact on financial metrics in real-time
  • Compare different opinions visually
  • Eliminate “number crunching” latency
  • Ask more what-ifs without having to schedule follow up meetings

Upload Excel model directly from desktop. Convert into a dashboard in minutes

Trefis is Excel model plug-and-play

  • No Excel templates
  • No IT deployments
  • No integration consultants

Trefis transforms your Excel models in a matter of minutes.

  • Don’t just meet, or guess the impact, instead see impact of opinions on financials and metrics that matter.
  • All opinions and charts in one place. Lose nothing.
  • Preserve the alternatives. Pick up exactly where you left.
  • Revisit regularly or as needed.
  • Present scenarios as strategic options for executive consideration, accelerate buy-in and richer dialog.
  • Modify as many forecasts and create as many scenarios as you wish.
  • Provide team members with secure access to your interactive models and scenarios.
  • Control the default view for your forecasts.
  • Allow collaborators to change views on the fly.
  • Put forecast discussions in context by pulling in relevant data from other models or databases.
  • Conveniently access data via search.
  • Plot data on forecast inputs or outputs.

Editorial curation built into Trefis so you can control the narrative.

  • Decide which forecasts and data are accessible via Trefis as easily as drag and drop.
  • Hide or exclude forecasts or results that aren’t core.
  • Add headings, commentary or takeaways to provide context.
  • Skip the charting in Excel, pasting into PowerPoint for discussion process entirely in some cases.

Sounded crazy when we first heard clients say it.
Now people have become used to it.

  • Download forecast changes and scenarios made via Trefis back into Excel.
  • Re-upload in minutes revisions made in Excel to Trefis and see your changes reflected.

Whether internal work-sessions, or executive meetings – we are passionate about how clients are using Trefis in new and creative ways for their business dialog to:

  • Answer what-ifs real-time.
  • Compare differences in opinion and assumptions, instantly see impact on finances.
  • Record the differences, without losing the consensus.

Ultimately – Break The Iterative Cycle!

  • Reduce repetition & friction.
  • Meet less. Produce more.
  • Align better.

Excel. PowerPoint. Meetings.
Excel. PowerPoint. Meetings.
Is this a familiar iterative cycle?

1. See examples.
2. Create a dashboard & collaborate.