Content Licensing Solution

Add actionable insights to your website

World-class financial content helps your customers win

Investors enjoy access to the information and services on your platform. But they also want to use their own expertise and judgment.

Give them the content that lets them compare their wits to the market. Give them Trefis.

At the core of our content is a rigorous and deep analytical model, but what makes our research different is the Trefis Interactive Experience. The Trefis Interactive Experience transforms those models into easy-to-use, visual interactive experiences that let your readers drill down into the data and create their own “what-if” scenarios.

Benefits: Give your readers and investors the edge they need

Extend their engagement for better insights

When you embed the Trefis Interactive Experience in your web, you keep your customers on your site longer, giving you deeper insights into their behavior.

A broader perspective from an independent third-party

Add Trefis content and give customers an even more detailed look into the fundamental operation of different companies. See company coverage.

Customizable content

You have your own content already? No problem. Use our content or feed your own equity research into the Trefis Interactive Experience.

Are you an individual investor who wants to get an edge today?