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Trefis supports leaders who make decisions of consequence...

Because getting it right matters to you and your company


Trefis lets you and your team focus on what matters most ...

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Trefis Transforms

Trefis technology transforms complex, static analyses-such as Excel-based data models-into easy-to-use, visual interactive experiences that let you develop "what-if" scenarios, assess the risk and reward of any decision, and engage stakeholders in meaningful discussions on the assumptions that matter most.
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Senior leaders all over the world, including corporate boards, CFOs, corporate development groups, sales teams, consultants, bankers, traders and investors use Trefis Solutions to help them fully take advantage of data sets and deep-dive analyses to make better informed decisions.

Content Licensing

Add world-class financial content to your website and digital platforms.

Institutional Investors

Quickly quantify and test your investment hypothesis.

Institutional Research

Investors want to know where you stand. Use Trefis to showcase scenarios that highlight opportunities to your clients.

Investor Relations

Highlight the issues that need your attention.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Identify synergies, surface assumptions and uncover the drivers of value in any transaction.

Planning and Forecasting

Get comfortable with uncertainty in today's dynamic markets. Easily evaluate a range of possible outcomes.

Value Selling

Align your sales strategy with what prospects want: The value you will deliver.

Trefis in Action