Forecast Of The Day: Qualcomm’s Mobile Chipset Shipments

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Trefis expects Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) Mobile Chipset shipments to rise from around 575 million units in FY’20 to 690 million units in FY’21 and to over 800 million in FY’22.


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Qualcomm is likely to see higher demand for its 5G chipsets. Moreover, Apple has moved back to using Qualcomm modems in its strong-selling iPhone 12 devices, after leveraging Intel modems in its iPhone 11 series.

So What?

Qualcomm stock has underperformed this year, declining by almost 10% since early January, on account of the semiconductor shortage and reports that Apple is prepping its own modems. However, we think the stock is undervalued, given Qualcomm’s leadership position in the 5G market, which is poised to expand considerably in the coming years.

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