Investor Relations Solution

Highlight the issues that need your attention

Focus your strategy on what matters

Investor Relations Executives must manage the company narrative so it accurately reflects the true intent and capability of your firm. Many industry analyses will reflect your story, but some may offer negative narratives that could spell trouble for the stock price.

You and your (likely) short-staffed team must sort through dozens upon dozens of analyst reports in search of the issues that need your attention. How to cover this ground quickly and effectively so you can spend time on message strategy and delivery?

Trefis Investor Relations Solution provides you and your team a collaborative communication platform where you can collect and compare analysts’ forecasts with each other as well as to your own story.


Use Trefis Solutions for six months; if we do not meet your expectations, we will cancel your license and refund your payments.

PERIOD.  That’s it.

Benefits: Be more efficient AND effective

Multiple ways to compare reveals issues instantly

Within moments, the Trefis Interactive Experience reveals the critical differences among analyst forecasts. Compare them to each other, to your corporate forecast or even to a business unit forecast.

Develop targeted communication strategies

Spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing it. Drill down into the instances where analysts may not understand or agree with the company’s point of view and target your outreach strategy.

Drive more effective internal communication

Share the Trefis Interactive Experience with colleagues and the executive team to effectively engage them in IR strategies. Easily evaluate opportunities and risks the analysts see that you may have missed.