Institutional Research Solution

Clients will call when they see why your view differs from the market’s

Does your research break through to the buy side?

Your research and ideas should stimulate engagement. You want investors to read your point of view, call your firm and increase their business relationship.

Yet, investors often lack the time to read through long research reports, particularly when there are several sitting in their inboxes. In fact, nearly 90% of investors read only the first page of any report.

So you must stand out, and fast. You need to communicate your investment hypothesis in a way that breaks through the clutter.

The Trefis Institutional Research Solution helps your story stand out. Trefis transforms your research into an interactive experience that enhances client interactions, from initiating new dialogs to engaging clients uniquely and deeply on key issues.

Trefis transforms client engagement

The first note we published with interactive modeling scenarios generated incoming response from important clients who had never contacted us previously on the stock. It has subsequently been rolled out in other reports with positive feedback again.

Clients click on a link in the research note and are taken to the interactive scenario analysis. In meetings this can be played around with on an iPad to get clients closer to a point where their decision making process will be better informed and they will come away with an actionable meeting conclusion.

Director of Research, Major global investment bank

Benefits: Deepen client engagement

Bring research to life

When you embed the Trefis Interactive Experience in your research, you invite and engage your clients to evaluate your assumptions and test their own by creating “what-if” scenarios.

Make research easier to read

Deliver your key messages immediately. Try our one-page report format. See a sample.

Stand out from the competition and the market

Focus investors on the drivers and assumptions that make your thesis different from the market.

Top firms use the Trefis Institutional Equity Research Solution

Innovation never stops at Trefis
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