Institutional Investor Solution

Discover the investment edge you need and your clients demand

Creating your unique point of view requires time and persistence

Whether during the heat of earnings season, at the investment committee meeting or whenever market events demand it, you must be prepared with your unique investment hypothesis. To be ready for those moments, you spend hundreds of hours a month at painstaking, persistent research, scouring through scores of sell-side reports.

Your quest? Find the insights you believe the consensus has missed that will uncover opportunities to drive better returns for your firm and its clients.

The Trefis Institutional Investor Solution provides you a platform where you can efficiently refine your unique point of view. Collect, compare and analyze sell-side research, and drill down into the specific assumptions that differentiate them.

Trefis transforms meetings

When a group of executives get together, they want to make decisions, not just raise issues and reconvene later. In a Trefis-enabled meeting the Trefis Interactive Experience is up on the screen. Everyone sees the same assumptions. They can drag the growth trend line up two points and the whole group sees the impact, in real time. Decisions can be made right there.

Neal Vachhani, VP Platform Services & Customer Success, QuickPlay

Benefits: Quickly quantify and test your investment hypothesis

Quickly identify the analyst assumptions that matter most

Which sell-side analysts have the most intriguing data models? Spend less time searching and more time analyzing. With the Trefis Interactive Experience you can see visualizations of data models side by side. Within moments, you will identify the most insightful assumptions. See a model.

Refine and quantify your hypothesis through “what-if” scenarios

Upload your own models to the Trefis Interactive Experience to conduct “what-if” scenarios and compare against analyst provided models. Adjust the drivers you’re focused on to quantify and evaluate your differential view.

Collaborate and make decisions in real-time

Scrap the static slide presentations. With the Trefis Interactive Experience teams can evaluate “what-if” scenarios together–in real-time– and drive a shared understand of your point of view. Individuals can share their own scenarios as well as their notes with colleagues around the company, and the world.