So many letters

Like many of you, I woke on Friday to a rainstorm of letters:  URLs led to news that the UK voted to leave the EU.  What does this mean for UK GDP? US GDP? The UN?  Is FREXIT next?  GREXIT? NEXIT?

Not to mention, HUH?

Today, the main question being asked is:  What now?  But what about “what-if”?  After finishing my coffee and sifting through the cacophony of consonants and vowels, I wondered who had asked the question:  “What-if” Britain exits the European Union?  Who anticipated the “Brexit”?


George Osborne, Britain’s Finance Minister


  • Certainly—and thankfully—George Osborne, Britain’s finance minister, did.
  • Newspapers wrote about it.  Samples here and here.
  • The Economist warned about it.
  • Prediction markets predicted it.  Here  and here.
  • An academic in Scotland did too.
  • And so did, apparently, Abraham Lincoln.
  • Many others asked the question of “what-ifexplicitly.


Brexit List

Trefis is in the “what-if” business.

Our technology transforms complex, static analyses-such as Excel-based data models-into easy-to-use, visual interactive experiences that let you develop “what-if” scenarios, assess the risk and reward of any decision, and engage stakeholders in meaningful discussions on the assumptions that matter most.

Sometimes we describe the process of creating and evaluating scenarios as “playing what-if.”  But it’s no game.  Evaluating alternatives outcomes can be the difference between making your number or missing it.  And missing your number has profound negative consequences (see our webinar “Three Keys to Better Forecasts” and download our eBook “Create More Accurate Forecasts and Plans”).

Not to mention, missing Brexit!


Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, and Brexit predictor


“What-if” scenarios give you power

Perhaps more importantly, with the ability to conduct unlimited “what-if” scenarios you capture the power to test your own instincts.   Rather than take guesses—educated or not—or defer your own intuition to the streams of big data flowing into your organization, with Trefis you can leverage those data and quantify your instincts based on your own and your team’s analyses.   Once you upload your analytical model, you can manipulate the drivers in the Trefis Interactive Experience and see the exact, quantifiable impact of each “what-if” scenario.  No more guessing.

Regarding Brexit, we offer the wisdom of another great leader.


Winston Churchill’s sage advice


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