Happy New Year

We hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and the turn of another year.

For the last few weeks, we at Trefis have been co-creating with a set of customers a set of new capabilities designed to make the Trefis Interactive Experience even easier to use.  We’re nearly finished with the “alpha” testing phase and will be moving to a “beta” release shortly.  Don’t worry that you missed the alpha; you can click here to participate in the next round of testing.

Introducing “Users in Focus”

During the alpha, we’ve had the pleasure to speak to dozens of users, each of which shared a particular story about how they use Trefis.  More interestingly, users surfaced for us particular use-cases we hadn’t considered in specific detail before.  Sure, the product team has concocted lots of potential uses  in concept, but it was only during this phase of testing that people told us ways they plan to use Trefis.

These latter stories–think of them as “what-if Trefis could do this” scenarios–struck us a things to share with the broader community.   They inspire us.  We hope they’ll inspire you.

Every story derives from our one-on-one interviews.  In some cases users asked to change their names slightly–we’ll note where–but in all cases the stories are theirs.  We’ll try to publish one or two a week and share them here.

Welcome to 2017, and whatever “what-if” scenarios it brings to you and your families.