2012′s Best of Friday Charts

by Wall Street Daily
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I’m beginning to think that the Wall Street Daily Nation doesn’t like to read… Or you all just prefer to consume market updates as quickly as possible… Or you just like looking at pretty pictures.

Because for whatever reason, my regular Friday Charts articles receive the most praise from our members.

That also means the articles we’re recapping today had to receive a massive amount of traffic to make it in the top five.

Let’s see if any of your favorites made the cut…

Top 5 Friday Charts Articles

Killer Charts Edition #5: Oil, Housing and Stocks, Oh My!

In this article, we discussed the relationship between oil and natural gas. I also told you not to sweat the dip in housing prices at the time (you’re welcome). And we covered why stocks were likely to ramp higher (which they did).

Killer Charts Edition #4: Three Bold Predictions Come to Pass

Back in June, I was able to gloat a bit after three of our most unpopular predictions came to pass – despite all the nasty feedback that they wouldn’t.

Killer Charts Edition #3: A Mountain of Cash and Two Shocking Rebounds

Much like today, the Fiscal Cliff was dominating the headlines and scaring investors stockless. So I shared two shocking investment opportunities that were brewing right under our noses.

Killer Charts Edition #2: Don’t Fear Another Financial Collapse Until This Indicator Soars

In this Friday Charts edition, I dished on digital and print media, and tried to (once again) calm investors’ fears about the Fiscal Cliff. Are you surprised that two Fiscal Cliff-related articles made it into the top five? Neither am I.

Killer Charts Edition #1: The Boldest Gold Prediction Ever

In July, I addressed the rebound in residential real estate prices, the slump in silver prices, and a whacky prediction that gold was headed to $8,300 by the spring of 2015.

So, did any of your favorite Friday Charts articles make it in the top five? Let us know by sending an email to feedback@wallstreetdaily.com, leaving a comment on our website, or catching us on Facebook or Google+.

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