These 15 Mid Cap Stocks Offer Great Growth and Value in 2013

by Value Stock Guide
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Submitted by Value Stock Guide as part of our contributors program

If you are looking for growth at a reasonable valuation, the following 15 mid cap stocks are worth keeping an eye on. All of these stocks have reasonable earnings and book multiples, and have demonstrated an EPS growth among the highest in its industry. In addition, they are all available now at PEG ratio under 1.

As you look through this list, remember that while we often talk about growth and value as two different sides of the coin, they are not mutually exclusive. The difficulty lies in getting a good estimation of the future growth and for that reason the PEG ratio is one of the least useful indicators for investing. More often than not, a low PEG just indicates that analysts might have an inflated expectation of future growth, which is not shared by investors. For this reason, I prefer to look at the EPS growth in the past 5 years to see how the company has performed in the recent past. While still not a guarantee, the recent historical performance can be a better indicator of whether the company has a good sustainable growth strategy. Of course, everything else needs to be checked out as well and to cut risk even further, you should convince yourself that the value does exist.

1. Synnex Corporation (SNX)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
8.36 1.00 0.91 16.00%

SYNNEX is an IT distributor and BPO service provider in business since 1980. Both revenues and earnings have seen steady growth in the past and the company seems to be selling at a great earnings multiple discount to its peers. The stock could deliver a solid, even if not spectacular, returns this year.


Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
7.14 1.23 0.51 25.03%

EZCORP runs a network of over 1200 pawn shops and cash advance centers in US, Canada and Mexico. Business has been brisk as the EPS growth shows although a recovering economy may cause a decline in demand for its services. The stock is certainly cheap and at this level the downside should be very little. Longer term investors should find this a good time to buy although the wait to profit may be a little uncertain.

3. Kullick and Soffa (KLIC)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
5.84 1.43 0.65 21.77%

Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells capital equipment and expendable tools to assemble semiconductor devices, including integrated circuits, discrete devices, light-emitting diodes, and power modules. As with most semiconductor stocks, KLIC is at depressed levels now. The P/E ratio of 5.84 becomes even more ridiculous considering close to half of the $930 million market value of the company is made up by cold tangible cash with zero debt to worry about. Semiconductor cycle remains a question mark. The financial strength of the company is not in question and neither is its undervaluation. The only question is if you are willing to wait for a couple of years to see meaningful appreciation in the stock as the semiconductor cycle plays out.

4. Helen of Troy Limited (HELE)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
9.65 1.23 0.93 19.87%

While $343 m in debt might be of concern, the company has sufficient cash flow to manage it. This consumer products company has grown revenues and earnings at an impressive clip. It also sells for half the industry price to earnings multiple. Its brand name toiletries and other mundane home products are less likely to be impacted by inflation. Watch out for the excessive CEO pay and recent history or insider sales.

5. Protective Life (PL)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
7.57 0.51 0.98 0.81%

Alabama based life insurance company has $3.46 B cash on the books with $2.39 B in market value. It also pays a 2.4% dividend yield. There is also $2.53 B in debt on the books. Valuing an insurance company is a different animal and we have had some spectacular successes in the past in our portfolio so while the rewards can be there, make sure you understand the key balance sheet line items before you decide to invest.

6. Acco Brands (ACCO)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
4.37 1.26 0.93 -2.17%

ACCO Brands Corporation engages in the design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of office products primarily in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. We are all familiar with company’s various brands such as Quartet, Rexel, Swingline, Wilson Jones, Marbig, NOBO, ACCO, Derwent, Eastlight, Mead, Five Star, Trapper Keeper, AT-A-GLANCE, Cambridge, Day Runner, Hilroy, Tilibra, and Grafon’s. The company does have significant debt which is weighing on the stock. The company has grown its q3 earnings five fold recently after it acquired MeadWestvaco’s consumer and office products business, gaining products like Mead, Five Star, and Trapper Keeper so it is quite possible that debt can be swiftly handled, in which case the stock valuation today might be very attractive.

7. CACI International (CACI)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
9.32 1.18 0.60 21.69%

CACI International provides IT services to Federal government and commercial markets. Its services include intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions; command and control solutions to support military, homeland security, law enforcement, border security, emergency response, and disaster relief missions. For a service company a P/B ratio of 1.18 is attractive. While the recent fiscal cliff deal avoided cutting defense spending, there is a good possibility that it will be back on the table in the near future and this presents a definite risk for the stock and quite possibly the valuation might get more attractive in the next few months.

8. AGCO Corporation (AGCO)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
7.04 1.46 0.88 13.43%

I have been quite bullish on the agricultural stocks and have looked deep and hard at AGCO in the past. Valuations remain attractive for this agriculture equipment company even after 30% return since May 2012. The agriculture case is mostly macro economic as I remarked in my earlier post on this sector, coincidently (or not) posted in May 2012 (this list has other stocks you may want to consider as well).

9. MetroPCS Communication (PCS)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
7.77 1.05 0.65 22.13%

Bruce Kovner and John Paulson likes this wireless company. The company has reported nice earnings growth and it is on track to merge with T-Mobile. However there is a potential for a bidding war and Sprint has reportedly expressed interest at $13.39/share. PCS shares currently trade at $9.73.

10. Celestica Inc (CLS)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
9.81 1.12 0.91 13.70%

Celestica Inc. provides electronics manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers and service providers in the communications, consumer, computing, and industrial, aerospace and defense, healthcare, green technology, and semiconductor capital equipment end markets in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. This Canadian company also holds more than a third of its market value in cash. Earnings and revenues have been under pressure along with the rest of the industry and the case for this stock is similar to that of KLIC above.

11. Cash America International (CSH)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
10.57 1.20 0.60 12.67%

CSH is another pawn shop/payday advance lender that has seen great last few years. While the macro case remains the same as EZPW, the valuations are perhaps a little richer. I would avoid this stock despite what the PEG ratio says

12. The Andersons, Inc (ANDE)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
9.55 1.39 0.85 11.20%

If you are looking for more Ag stocks, you may want to consider The Andersons. In addition to its Grain, Ethanol, Rail, Plant Nutrient, Turf & Specialty segments, it operates The Andersons retail stores; The Andersons Market, a specialty food market; a distribution center; and a lawn and garden equipment sales and service shop. The company has growing revenues, earnings and a growing dividend that currently yields 1.5%.

13. Assurant Inc (AIZ)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
5.02 0.54 0.69 0.92%

Incredibly cheap insurer, Assurant operates in four segments: Assurant Solutions, Assurant Specialty Property, Assurant Health, and Assurant Employee Benefits. In addition to the attractive valuations, the stock pays a 2.3% dividend. The company was significantly affected by the superstorm Sandy and its rates are getting scrutinized by the state regulators. However, improving housing market will help Assurant’s business and this may be an attractive time to pick this stock up.

14. Select Medical Holdings (SEM)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
9.7 1.56 0.86 33.15%

Select Medical Holdings Corporation, through its subsidiary, Select Medical Corporation, operates specialty hospitals and outpatient rehabilitation clinics in the United States. Revenues and specifically earnings have been growing at a rapid clip but the debt is high. The stock is being snapped up by institutions. At some point, the baby boomer demography will become a major force in changing the economic climate of the country and the stock should benefit. However the high debt levels give me a pause as to how the growth can be funded.

15. Whiting Petroleum (WLL)

Price to Earnings Price to Book PEG 5 Yr EPS Growth
13.64 1.59 0.97 17.64%

Not very cheap, nevertheless a good stock to consider given the oil/gas drilling expansion currently occurring in the United States. The company engages in the acquisition, development, exploitation, exploration, and production of oil and gas primarily in the Permian Basin, Rocky Mountains, Mid-Continent, Gulf Coast, and Michigan. Estimated reserves are 345.2 million barrels equivalent of oil and the current market value is $5.44 B with about 20% profit margin. Raw numbers says the stock is a little undervalued but of course it depends on future oil prices and cost of production (as well as timing of production). This will be a good stock to keep an eye out on for potential opportunity based on how the oil market evolves.

You have no doubt noticed that several of the stocks in this list were also mentioned in the Small Cap screen I ran for 2013. The fiscal cliff deal relief pushed some of these up in the mid cap territory.

I expect a few of these stocks merit a deeper due diligence and I am looking forward to see if any make it to become a premium recommendation.

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