Microsoft Working At Migrating Other Platform Apps to Windows Phone

by Trefis Team
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Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been spending huge amounts on marketing the Windows Phone with the aim to gain market share in the highly competitive smartphone market currently dominated by Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS and Google‘s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android. It has also been trying various tactics to get prominent app developers on iOS and Android bring their apps to Windows Phone, but it hasn’t had much luck yet. Windows Phone sales have been disappointing, and Microsoft’s smartphone market share has dropped to an all-time low of just 1.9% in Q2 2012.

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Microsoft hopes to turn Windows Phone into a hot platform through various marketing campaigns and by boosting the app/game count of Windows Phone. It is apparently working on an app migration service which would let you port all your apps and app data from other platforms on to Windows Phone. Initially, it would suggest similar apps on Windows Phone after scanning your current device, and provide you a way to easily download all of them and port your existing data to those apps. [1]

The company’s patent filing also seems to include some method to install apps from other platforms on your Windows Phone, possibly by porting them or running them in an emulator. While this is still a long shot and would definitely not provide the same level of experience as a native app, it seems to be an interesting way to bridge the app gap and ease the transition between platforms for the consumer.

Windows Phone, Xbox and other entertainment devices account for nearly 4% of Microsoft’s $40 Trefis price estimate, which stands nearly 30% above its market price.

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  1. What app problem? Microsoft is developing a service to migrate all your Android apps to a new Windows Phone, UnwiredView []
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  • commented 5 years ago
  • I think that you are finally getting it. Your reports about Microsoft are general too peachy. Perhaps you got funding from a group which is tied to Microsoft?

    Look MSFT really has several real business. (1) Windows Consumer, (2) Windows Enterprise, (3) Office, (4) Server & Tools (Win Server, SQL, Exchange, .Net tools), (5) Xbox, (6) Mobile.

    It has several large businesses where it is just loosing money and has NO real opportunity to ever make money. These are Advertising (MSN + Bing + related)

    Mobile is quickly moving from the first category to the loosing business category. MSFT can afford to pay for the loosing business right now because it has a very strong source of revenue from Win + Office. But that is about to change!

    Win Desktop is standing on 3 legs which form the core of workloads. (1) Messaging and Communication, (2) Business Apps, (3) LOB Apps developed by other companies. You have to think about what is it that is holding people to having a desktop or MS laptop and in general these 3 "legs" are that.

    Lets examine each leg:

    (1) Messaging and Communication: arguably the ship has sailed here. Most people now prefer writing e-mails on Phones and iPad's and communicating using other platforms on mobile devices, Facebook, Face time and 1000's other apps. In fact most of the interfaces communication is better on a phone and mobile device than on MS laptop or desktop.

    Leg stability: non existent.

    (2) Business Apps: Sure excel and power point are somewhat holding their own, but the need for them is quickly disappearing, in fact most students will get by with just Google docs, Apple Keynote and Pages, again the available and quality of apps for FREE or very low cost is overwhelming. There is a strong support for Excel in the business community. But the whole business is worth about 1/10 or less, if excel is the only thing holding it together.

    Leg stability: weak to poor

    (3) LOB Apps: Here is where there are millions of apps and systems built on top of Windows think production systems, control systems, SAP, People Soft, Seible, and million other things. In fact you can argue this is the last lag which supports the desktop OS business and the replacement cycle. A lot of smart people are working on moving these interfaces to beautiful portable devices and making them simple to develop. This will take time and this leg will be here for a while.

    Think about this: when Win 8 ships and developers and IT pros are forced to upgrade the LOB software, why would they not go to iOS or Android or Web frameworks? In fact Win 8 will speed up the demise of the Microsoft desktop and will not replace it with windows portable. Remember this!

    Leg Stability: Good for now weakening after Win8 ships.

    Once the 3rd leg falls, MSFT Windows revenue will collapse, I mean so badly most people will want to puke. What people do not realize that at that time, MOST of the loosing business will have to get shut down. I predict the end of the advertising business at Microsoft withing 24 -36 months. This will trigger a rounds of very large layoffs, which should be happening now to be honest. I am talking 50 - 70% reduction of workforce should happen. But it will NOT, every company is in denial, until it is too late. So the layoffs will be in round after round, the company will start loosing the best people and as the mediocre people are left in leadership roles, anyone any good will leave! It will absolutely destroy MSFT ability to compete.

    Mobile business, so far behind it is not even funny. You know why? Steve B. called smartphone a fad even when MSFT was still competitive in 2003-04. He said he would resign if iPad (original) sold more than 10M the week before it shipped. He did not remember that promise he made in front of 300 employees. He just did not and does not get it.

    Xbox is doing well. But Xbox is under heavy attack from Mobile gaming solutions (iPad, iPhone, Android etc) which can stream the visual portion to ANY TV. in fact fixed consoles are dead. I would be surprised if there will be market for fixed consoles after xBox 360, outside of the hardcore gamer. If you still do not get what I am talking about look at OnLive to understand where hardcore gaming is moving.

    The somewhat stable business is Server and Tools. However it should be organized differently, the learning from Big Data, Xbox, advertising should go into developing the best system and platforms to allow other customers to create the services of tomorrow. Unfortunately the antiquated structure of the company will not allow these people to work together for a long period of time in order to create competitive offerings.

    The world is changing and people now have the ability to develop killer services with minimal start up cost and uptake millions of users in terms of week or months. The tsunami is huge and it look great when you are surfer riding this new productivity wave, but if you are old timer sitting at the bottom it is about to crush you.