Grab Early Gains From Apple’s iWatch

by Robert Williams
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Grab Early Gains From Apple’s iWatch

Grab Early Gains From Apple’s iWatch

I just got the first meaningful sales projections concerning the launch of the iWatch.

Although no release date has been announced, investment firm, UBS, says to expect sales of 21 million iWatch units in the first year alone, and 36 million more in the second year.

Apple sold 19.5 million iPads in the first year on the market. However, the iWatch market is ultimately expected to be much bigger.

The device is rumored to be launching in October, ahead of the holiday season.

With a $300 price tag and profit margins of 25%, it deserves our immediate investment attention.

Besides, the launch is sure to create a huge buzz. And hype alone can drive prices in the short term, as we’re currently witnessing with stocks of World Cup host, Brazil.

So let’s deconstruct the iWatch to determine what pick-and-shovel plays are ready to blast higher as the launch draws near. Hint: One company in particular jumps off the page . . .

First-edition iWatches will come in both men’s and women’s models.

The male iWatch version will feature a 1.66-inch display.

The female model will have a 1.33-inch display.

While that’s not particularly exciting news on its own merit, here’s what is . . .

The displays will be made entirely of scratch-resistant sapphire, and account for roughly 24% of the sapphire market’s yearly demand.

Apple has already established itself as a leader in the sapphire industry supply chain through its relationship with sapphire producer, GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT).

Wall Street Daily’s Chief Technology Analyst, Marty Biancuzzo, reports that Apple and GT have been expanding their sapphire-production operation ahead of the big iWatch launch.

GT runs the world’s only sapphire production factory. Its Mesa, Arizona facility now has 1,700 running production furnaces, up from 950 a few months ago.

When you combine mushrooming worldwide sapphire demand with the launch of the iWatch, the investment thesis for GTAT seems airtight.

The fact that the company ended the first quarter with a $609-million order backlog further speaks to the inherent demand for its products.

It’s worth noting that Apple has already pre-paid for most of the increased sapphire production ahead of the inaugural iWatch launch.

Nonetheless, iWatch sales are projected to nearly double in the second year, which makes GTAT’s $17 price tag too compelling to resist.

Onward and Upward,

Robert Williams

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