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General Electric (NYSE:GE) has launched a new series of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems called the VH series. [1] The single phase UPS is a high performance device targeted at business critical applications, particularly servers in the IT industry that suffer from data loss in case of repeated power surges. The new UPS claims to be a true Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI) UPS capable of handling power disturbances and frequency fluctuations of a much higher degree compared to previous technologies. In addition, it is also capable of rapid switch overs, is much smaller in size, requires less than one minute in replacing batteries, thus virtually eliminating downtime, and has a long warranty period of three years. These features of the device are suited for applications like IT servers, sensitive electric loads, MRI machines etc. where truly uninterrupted and clean sine waves are critical.

The device replaces GE’s previous version, the GT series, and on account of its high performance will add to growth in sales at GE’s energy business division.

We currently have a stock price estimate of $20 for the company, roughly in line with its current market price.

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High performance to lower risk of data loss in servers

According to a report by Boston Computing Network, 6% of PCs in Europe suffer from data loss in a given year – an estimated 1.7 million incidents. Of these, approximately 42% are on account of hardware failures caused in part by repeated power surges. It is here that VH series UPS, utilizing VFI technology, can deliver clean sine waves to protect sensitive electric equipment against power disturbances.

Riccardo Rutili, the product leader for power quality at GE’s Digital Energy business said, “What voltage may be okay for a light bulb or refrigerator, in terms of utility performance, is not acceptable in today’s digitized world. GE’s VH Series UPS is designed to meet the high performance power delivery needs of both the IT industry and the ever-increasing list of power-hungry systems such as MRI machines, critical servers and sensitive, critical electrical loads.”

In addition, the device offers several other advantages that will appeal to the industry. First, the UPS is capable of rapid switch-overs as it uses a static switch instead of a relay. Second, the time required for replacing the batteries is less than a minute which effectively eliminates downtime, ensuring that the load has a back-up at all times. Third, superior battery management and laser printed mode prevents battery damage and allows the company to offer a three-year warranty on both the UPS and battery. And fourth, the size of UPS is much smaller in comparison to the GT series and, hence, will occupy less space.

All advantages combined, the VH series offers high performance to industries with electrically sensitive loads, and so we expect the new improved product to drive growth in sales for GE’s digital energy business.

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