DuPont Finds Partners for Push into Solar and Synthetic DNA Industries

by Trefis Team
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DuPont (NYSE:DD), the global chemical materials major, continues to look for opportunities to collaborate with manufacturers and research firms to take advantage of emerging global trends. As a part of this effort, DuPont has recently entered into collaborations with Suntech Power Holdings (NYSE:STP) and OligoCo to take advantage of the opportunities in solar and synthetic DNA space. DuPont competes with other chemical manufacturing majors like Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) and Bayer AG (BAY:GR).

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DuPont and Suntech Sign Strategic Agreement

DuPont is a supplier to Suntech Power Holdings, the world’s largest solar panel producer. DuPont provides Suntech with “photo voltaic metallization paste” to help enhance the efficiency of solar cells made by them as well as “polyvinyl fluoride film” which is used in protective back sheets for Suntech solar modules. The agreement focuses on increasing the supply of photo voltaic technologies and materials while focusing on cost reduction, supply chain improvements and technological advancements.

Both of the companies are also pursuing co-marketing opportunities to help consumers realize the benefits of solar energy. The main focus for both companies is to lower the solar cost by improving efficiency and increasing the life span to encourage the mass scale adoption of solar energy.

This agreement will help DuPont’s solar product range which is offering solar energy manufacturers with materials to enhance efficiency and life span of solar modules. If DuPont is able to deliver these products as the new company standard, this will help support revenue growth for its electronics technologies division.

DuPont and OligoCo to mutually explore DNA synthesis technology

DuPont’s arm of advanced plant genetics Pioneer Hi Bred has tied up with OligoCo, a leader in gene synthesis to develop the next generation oligonucleotide synthesizer. An oligonucleotide is a short DNA sequence used to transcribe the genetic code. The synthesizers currently are not consistent and have thus restrained the deployment of synthetic biology techniques. These two are looking to develop a new generation synthesizer which provides high throughput, low error rates and low costs. This will help DuPont apply the plant molecular genetic technology to improve crop yield and performance.

While DuPont will bring its gene shuffling technology along with other synthetic biology tools to the table, OligoCo will bring it’s propriety technology along with a commitment to quality. This joint venture, if successful, will help Dupont’s Agriculture division build a market leading product which will help accelerate the pace of improvement in crop products.

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