Know Your Hose

by Randall Radic
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Submitted by Randall Radic as part of our contributors program.

The original meaning of hose was “leg-covering, stocking. It comes from a prehistoric Germanic khuson, which also produced German hose and Dutch hoos. It appears that the metaphorical transference from a ‘long tubular stocking’ to a ‘long tube for conveying liquid’ was first made in Dutch,” and entered English in the 15th century.

That’s kind of interesting, but not really. What is interesting is the degree to which industrial hoses impact our lives. Air and water hoses, automotive and marine coolant hoses, food hoses, petroleum hoses, steam hoses, welding hoses, material handling vacuum hoses, and high pressure mine hoses. Without hoses, the world would come to a screeching halt.

For example, in the past week, Honda recalled 600,000 Accords in the U.S. and Canada to fix a faulty power steering hose that can leak fluid and cause a fire. According to the experts, the Accord’s power steering hose is flawed, and can deteriorate with prolonged exposure to engine heat. Once that happens, the hoses crack and leak. At that point two possibilities exist: loss of power-assisted steering or a fire.

In other words, a deficient hose could result in serious injuries or worse. Obviously, Honda failed to hook up with the experts in industrial hoses.

Look under the hood of your car someday and notice how many hoses there are. If just one of them malfunctions, you’re stuck, as in lack of mobility. You can’t get to work, you can’t pick up your kids, you can’t drive to the grocery store.

Or better yet, the next time you’re at your favorite restaurant, see if you can get peek into the kitchen. When you do, count the number of hoses you can see. Without hoses, restaurants couldn’t serve food or even drinking water. Recently, my wife had the opportunity to tour McManis Winery, which depends upon hoses like hospitals depend on nurses. Take away the hoses – some of which are very specific – and the nectar of the gods ceases to exist. No more Merlot, Chardonnay or Cabernet.

All that to say this: don’t skimp on the hoses. If it’s true that you get what you pay for, then when it comes to hoses, don’t be afraid to open your wallet. A quality hose can make or break your day or your vacation. You want hoses that have been assembled by state of the art methods, followed by testing and certification. And you only get that kind of quality from premier hose fabricators, companies specializing in designing and manufacturing hoses for all types of industrial applications.

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