Coronavirus Recovery Watch: Major U.S. Banks Underperform The Market, But There Are A Few Bright Spots

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Our bank portfolio of 9 stocks shows an average return of 11% in the last five trading days compared with a 13% return in the Dow during the same period. This portfolio reflects one set of possible stocks that will very likely underperform the broader market if there’s a reasonably quick Coronavirus-recovery.


Top Performers

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The top 3 performers within the portfolio in the last five trading days were:

  • Citigroup (15.1% return)
  • Morgan Stanley (14.6% return)
  • JPMorgan (14.4% return)

The top 3 performers on Friday were:

  • U.S Bancorp (-1.1% return)
  • BNY Mellon (-1.4% return)
  • State Street (-1.5% return)


Portfolio Summary (at market close on Friday March 27)

Ticker Market Cap Stock Price Return
BAC  $188.5 Bil $21.60  1D: -4.9%  5D: 9.8%  YTD: -38.7%
BK  $28.8 Bil $32.54  1D: -1.4%  5D: 11.9%  YTD: -35.3%
C  $91.9 Bil $43.80  1D: -4.8%  5D: 15.1%  YTD: -45.2%
JPM  $280.1 Bil $91.13  1D: -7.1%  5D: 9.1%  YTD: -34.6%
STT  $17.2 Bil $48.66  1D: -1.5%  5D: 4.3%  YTD: -38.5%
USB  $54.4 Bil $35.35  1D: -1.1%  5D: 9.8%  YTD: -40.4%
WFC  $123.8 Bil $30.28  1D: -2%  5D: 14.3%  YTD: -43.7%
GS  $54.5 Bil $158.34  1D: -4.5%  5D: 14.4%  YTD: -31.1%
MS  $52.1 Bil $34.01  1D: -4.8%  5D: 14.6%  YTD: -33.5%

Financial Highlights for Top Performer Citigroup

Citigroup’s market cap has declined by $86.6 billion from about $178.5 billion on 12/31/2019 to $91.9 billion now. The company had $74.3 billion in revenue in 2019, from which it derived $19.4 billion in net income and $8.08 in earnings per share.

As a comparison, Goldman Sachs had $36.5 billion in revenue in 2019, from which it derived $8.5 billion in net income and $21.18 in earnings per share and saw its market cap from $84.9 billion on 12/31/2019 to current level of $54.5 billion.

See the Bank portfolio for more financial highlights on each portfolio company.


Reminder: Portfolio Performance Hinges on Speedy Recovery

Our dashboard forecasting US COVID-19 cases with cross-country comparisons analyzes expected recovery time-frames and possible spread of the virus.

Further, our dashboard -28% Coronavirus crash vs. 4 Historic crashes builds a complete macro picture and complements our analyses of the coronavirus outbreak’s impact.


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