Forecast Of The Day: American Airlines Average Occupancy Rate

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American Airlines


Trefis expects American Airlines (NYSE:AAL) Average Occupancy Rate – which is the percentage of seats occupied by revenue-paying passengers in a flight – in the U.S. to increase from levels of about 64% in 2020 to about 74% in 2021 and 79% in 2022.


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With about half of all U.S. adults now vaccinated and Covid-19 cases in the country on the decline, there has been a steady recovery in air passenger numbers.

So What?

The airline industry was particularly badly hit by Covid-19, but things are only likely to get better from here. Over the first two weeks of May 2021, TSA checkpoint travel numbers, a proxy for air travel rose by about 8x year-over-year. This should bode well for AAL, which has seen its stock gain over 50% year-to-date.

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