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  1. Yelp tops expectations in Q2, but continues to feel the impact of the Covid-19

Revenue in the second quarter fell by nearly one-third to $169 million, which was still better than the $153 million in sales that analysts were expecting. That translated into a net loss of $0.33 per share, also better than the $0.51 per share in losses that Wall Street was modeling for. Adjusted EBITDA dropped 80% to $11 million. The company relies primarily on advertising revenue from small local businesses.

Due to ongoing uncertainty stemming from the pandemic, Yelp did not give much specific financial guidance for Q3 beyond noting that operating expenses are expected to rise by $30 million. The company's management pointed out that consumer spending and advertising revenue started to recover near the end of the quarter in June. However, traffic started to plateau in July due to a resurgence in Covid-19 cases around the U.S.


Local Advertising

  • Yelp's Active Local Business Accounts: Yelp had over 210,000 active local business accounts in 2019. We currently forecast the number of active local business accounts to steadily increase, as it continues to expand aggressively, reaching around 386,000 by the end of our forecast period.

Yelp deals revenue

  • Yelp's revenue from Yelp deals, partnership and other services: Over the past few years, Yelp has sold Eat24 etc to GrubHub. As a result, its deals and partnership revenue declined from $75 million in 2017 to $37 million in 2019. We expect the division's revenues to remain at similar levels by the end of our forecast period.

Brand Advertising

  • Yelp has moved away from brand advertising in 2016 and is focusing on building its Local ads business. As a result, we expect the revenue from this division to wind down to zero by the end of our forecast period.

Sales And Marketing Expenses

  • S&M as a percentage of Revenue: We currently expect Yelp's selling and advertising expenses (S&M) to increase from around 46% in 2019 to 50% by the end of the forecast period. Given the increasing competition in the online business review and recommendations space, Yelp may have to incur increasing amounts of marketing expenses going forward.


Yelp is a local business search, review and recommendation service that allows consumers to access ratings and read reviews on local hotels, restaurants, salons, dentists, and mechanics on their website These businesses are reviewed and rated by contributors.

Yelp currently has more than 205 million reviews of local businesses in the North American markets. The company currently offers information on more than 4 million businesses in the markets it operates in. It had more than 210 million monthly unique visitors at the end of 2019.

Yelp generates revenue mainly from local business advertising, display advertising, and from additional services like Yelp deals, and deals with reservation services like OpenTable. It competes primarily with other online business review services like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Angie's List, CityLocal and Gumtree; display advertising players like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and AOL; and daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.


Local Advertising is Yelp's most valuable business

Yelp generates a major portion of its revenue from local advertising. In 2019, Yelp generated more than 95% of its overall revenue through local advertising. Its local advertising platform leverages the power of inbound marketing, which leads to a higher customer conversion rate than traditional display advertising. We expect its local advertising revenue to grow in the coming years, as it expands in multiple international markets.

Huge repository of local business reviews and large user base

Yelp has the largest database of local businesses in the markets that it operates in, especially in the United States. It has more than 205 million user reviews of around 4 million local businesses. Due to its large repository of user-generated information, it attracts more than 160 million monthly unique visitors every month, which makes it a very attractive advertising and marketing platform for local businesses, who are trying to attract new customers.

Proven expansion and market development strategy

Yelp has a proven market development strategy that it uses to expand into new markets in the United States. While it has exited the international markets, it plans to expand its services aggressively in the untapped U.S markets.

Large community and network effects

Yelp has one of the largest communities of active contributors, who write detailed reviews about local businesses. Its community has contributed more than 95 million reviews to date, and continues to generate more than 60,000 local business reviews every day. Its large repository of reviews attracts more than 140 million unique visitors every month, which makes it the perfect advertising platform for local businesses looking to gain new customers. This in turn, helps Yelp generate increasing amounts of revenue from local and display advertising, as well as offerings like Yelp Deals and hotel reservations.

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