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By modifying a forecast you've created your own price estimate which you can now save.

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Net Debt
51.7% $44.33
  • How do I use this slideshow?
    1. The slideshow contains the most important forecasts for a company's divisions, or product lines.
    2. Disagree with a forecast? Simply drag the trend-line to test your own what-if scenario, and see possible upside or downside risks for a stock.
    3. Plot data for competitors and benchmarks using the "Competition" button.
    4. In the slide caption, and the area below the slideshow, see the key trends impacting a given forecast, as well as historical explanations.
    5. The first slide shows which one of a company's divisions, or product lines, contribute most to its stock price. Clicking on a division arm of the diagram, you can explore the most important forecasts for the division.
  • How do we get the historical numbers for this chart?
    Trefis has a team of in-house Analysts who gather historical data from company filings and other verifiable sources. The data and sources are available on the Trefis website.
  • Who came up with the Trefis forecast for future years?
    The Trefis team of in-house Analysts considers a variety of factors when projecting any forecast, and their rationale is explained on the Trefis website.
  • How does my dragging the trendline on the chart impact the stock price?
    1. We use forecasts for various business drivers to calculate forecasted Revenues and Profits for .
    2. We then use forecasted Profits in a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model to obtain the Price Estimate for .
  • How does Trefis come up with the Price estimate for a company?
    The Trefis forecasts are used to calculate future revenues, costs and cash profits for . The future cash profits are then discounted to the present to arrive at the total value of . The total value divided by number of shares outstanding is the Price estimate.
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* Consumer constitutes 95% of the Trefis price estimate for Verizon's stock. Less
* Consumer constitutes 95% of the Trefis price estimate for Verizon's stock.
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