Example question: Bloomberg reported that supply constraints are leading to iPhone shortages. Do Trefis analysts see a meaningful impact on AAPL?
Example comment: Competition will squeeze AMZN's operating margins from 4% to 2% meaning a 10% hit to the stock according to Trefis.
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  • commented 1/23/13
  • tags: AAPL
  • Comment on Apple TV Pricing

    TV is their next big thing! [ less... ]
    Comment on Apple TV Pricing TV is their next big thing!
    Mat McLelland commented 5 years ago
    I think the key for the TV will be if Siri is integrated in a way that it can be used even in a crowded noisy room. Their ambient noise canceling technology may be a hint that they are capable of pulling it off. As I've learned the uses and limitations of Siri it has become so helpful that I barely ever use the keypad. If they pull it off they'll be thrown ahead of the competition because this IVR technology has a learning curve. This learning curve keeps many people from realizing how good SIri is. AAPL needs to overcome this learning curve by teaching people how to use Siri rather than glorifying the limited tool with Samuel L. Jackson ads. Another problem to overcome with the TV will be content licensing. It was nice to see them recently get HBO but they need a lot more for people to think it's worth it.
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