Our unique independent insights and scenario analysis

We began Trefis Research with a simple purpose: to help investors and executives connect what’s familiar about a company–its products, markets, technologies–to what matters about a company, namely its value. Today, we cover hundreds of large global companies and our analysis reaches millions of investors and executives through our platform, as-well-as through partnerships with many large brokerage and media partners.

Our differentiator: The Trefis Interactive Experience
At the core of each piece of content is a rigorous data and an analytical model that helps our analysts understand a company’s value.  But what makes our content different is how Trefis technology transforms these models into an easy-to-use, visual format:  the Trefis Interactive Experience.  Yes, we’ve made deep-dive data and company analysis fun and easy-to-understand.

The power of “what-if” scenarios
Through the Trefis Interactive Experience we share our assumptions and let you drill down into the data to create your own “what-if” scenarios.  For instance, you can,

  • Compare your own alternative viewpoint against market expectations;
  • Create upside or downside cases, and
  • Assess financial risk-reward of any scenario

The Trefis Interactive Experience lets you make sense of data and analysis quickly and easily so you can focus on what matters most:  Value.

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