Facebook Wants to Buddy Up with Vevo for Video Sharing Ad Deal

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It seems Facebook is leaving no stone unturned in stepping up its monetization efforts before it goes public. This time, the social networking giant is in initial talks for a possible partnership with the online video streamer Vevo, [1] which is currently in contract with Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) YouTube.

Facebook’s videos are not a prominent feature on the site, and Facebook is intent on improving its video engagement. While Vevo’s contract with Google is expected to last at least for another year, Facebook could be hoping for a deal similar to music providers Spotify, where Facebook acts as a distribution platform with its near 800 million users while the host site (Vevo in this case) provides the requisite service to increase user engagement.

Currently, discussions between Facebook and Vevo are supposedly in their preliminary stages, and the former would need a strong sales pitch to convince Vevo to switch from current partners Google. Facebook would undoubtedly stress on the “social” factor and “frictionless sharing” concepts that are already showing more views for publications like Washington Post.

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