Web Startup Marketing Intern

Web Startup Marketing Intern

Investing shouldn’t have to be a choice between either throwing darts or spending a ton of hours reading research reports and financial statements. It’s about time someone used the Web to make it easy to find, discuss, analyze, and track great investment ideas without a ton of work. Trefis is a venture-backed startup that is bringing individual investing into the 21st century. Put down the darts and research reports.

Trefis is currently looking for Internet marketing interns for its Boston office. We are looking for current students who would like to gain experience implementing state-of-the-art social and web-based initiatives. We want creative, high-energy individuals who want to evangelize, build communities, and light fires.


- Maintain SEO keyword benchmarking and assist with content optimization
- Write and repackage content for social venues (Twitter, FB, blogs, etc.)
- Interact with our community to answer questions, spark conversations, and maintain a healthy community
- Evangelize to our target market through social networks, blogs, and targeted outreach programs to build buzz, usage, and ultimately grow the Trefis community
- Assist with online and offline events including webinars and presentations
- Work on targeted communications to thought leaders and potential partners


- Smart and high-energy
- Boston-based and able to work in the office several hours a week
- Smart and high-energy
- Extremely creative
- Smart and high-energy
- Self-motivating
- Lives and breathes the Internet, especially social networks
- Smart and high-energy
- Excellent written and verbal communications skills

To Apply:
Email jobs@trefis.com with the subject Web Marketing Intern.

This may be unpaid or paid internship based on experience.