Every quarter, nearly 25% of public companies miss Wall Street earnings expectations, or have to reduce their earnings guidance.   

Does your firm get it right most of the time? Some of the time?  Are you sure?  Or, will your firm be the next one to miss?

Use this scorecard to rate your company’s current planning and forecasting capabilities.  Choose the answer that best describes your situation.  Learn where your company may be able to improve. 




1. Does your company have an established consistent process for creating forecasts/plans?
2.  Which of the following processes best describes your forecast/planning process?
3.  How often does your company make/miss its forecast?
4.  Has your company identified the precise external and internal factors that drive each unit’s business results?
5.  What role does scenario evaluation play in your forecasting/planning process?
6.  How are scenarios developed and evaluated?
7.  Does your company formally track external or internal factors that might impact business forecasts/results?
8.  How often does your company recognize and successfully address performance shortfalls before they occur?
9.  How do executives feel about the company’s forecasting/planning record overall?